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Please be aware that this is a group buy. This means that the item is not in stock and not produced yet. After a sufficient amount of orders, the production will start. Shipping is expected in Q3 of 2020. This is just an estimate, unexpected delays can happen. Your order can not be cancelled or refunded. By purchasing this item you agree to the terms of this group buy.

This is a DIY kit. It includes the case, plate, PCB and accessories

The case

Full steel, custom mechanical keyboard enclosure made from bent sheet metal. Powder coating in beige, grey, black and yellow available. Stainless steel version with bead blasted finish. Rigid, heavy and durable. The plate is top mounted and fully isolated with grommets. The typing angle is adjustable, solid at every angle.

The HMKB-40 is the smallest of the lineup. It was designed specifically for the Eon40 PCB from Maartenwut. Compared to the other, bigger sizes in this HMKB lineup, the bezels are reduced in order to keep a well balanced key area to bezel ratio.


  • material and finish: steel (powder coated) or V2A stainless steel (bead blasted)
  • top mount construction
  • plate fully isolated via grommets
  • high profile case, caps sink in very deep
  • adjustable typing angle: 6, 8, 10 and 12°
  • very low first/lowest key row
  • weight kit: ~1.0kg
  • weight build: ~1.2kg
  • made in Germany


  • Classic Beige (RAL 1013), Feinstruktur
  • Dolch Gray (RAL 7039), Feinstruktur
  • Black (RAL 9005), Feinstruktur
  • Yellow (RAL 1023), Feinstruktur
  • Natural/bare, stainless steel, bead blasted


  • keyboard enclosure (top, bottom, mono-foot)
  • switch plate (steel or brass)
  • PCB, more details here
  • accessories (grommets, bolts, standoffs, nuts)


Two plate options are available, steel and brass. Both have a black zink treatment. This protects the steel plate from corrosion and the brass plate from tarnishing. Furthermore the brass plate gets bead blasted before the zink treatment. Here you can find more information about the plates and you can add extra ones.




The images are 3D renders and are for illustration purposes only. The final colors may differ slightly.
For powder coating the parts are put on racks. This will leave a little mark. It is usually at one of the holes. Since the holes will be covered by the bolt heads, these marks will not be visible when the case is assembled.
Although highly unlikely, it is possible that dust particles may be caught in the powder coating.
The bending process leaves slight marks. They are not a concern for the powder coated steel parts and not be visible at all. The stainless steel parts are not powder coated but bead blasted instead. On all of the prototypes the bead blasting removed those marks completely and they were not present anymore. Still, there is a small chance that some stainless steel parts may show slight traces of these marks, even after the bead blasting.
The angles of the flanges may not always be perfectly 90˚. Though unlikely, a deviation of up to 1˚ can occur. This would still be hardly noticeable.
The switch plates (steel and brass) can have scratches.
None of these effects are considered a defect.


Important news and milestones about this group buy will be posted on the blog page. For more frequent updates and direct communication, join the discord server.