HMKB Plate

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Please be aware that this is a group buy. This means that the item is not in stock and not produced yet. After a sufficient amount of orders, the production will start. Shipping is expected in Q3 of 2020. This is just an estimate, unexpected delays can happen. Your order can not be cancelled or refunded. By purchasing this item you agree to the terms of this group buy.

This is just the plate. You don't need it because the HMKB kits already include a plate. If you like another one anyway, you can add it here.

Extra plate

If you want an additional plate, choose one here.
Two materials are available.

Steel, black zink treated

Steel has a high density and is very cost effective. The steel plates have a black zink treatement. This is done for two reasons. First it is a very effective protection against corrosion. Secondly the deep, matte black eliminates any reflections that might otherwise peak through the gaps between the keycaps.

Brass, bead blasted, black zink treated

Brass is the premium alternative. Compared to standard steel, the density is slightly higher and it is significantly more expensive. To further emphasize the higher grade quality, the surface is bead blasted to achieve an even, satin texture. After this process it gets the same the black zink treatement as the steel plates. This prevents the brass from tarnishing and the deep black is compatible to a much wider range of keycap themes compared to shiny untreated brass.


The images are 3D renders and are for illustration purposes only. The final colors may differ slightly.
The switch plates (steel and brass) can have scratches.
None of these effects are considered a defect.


Important news and milestones about this group buy will be posted on the blog page. For more frequent updates and direct communication, join the discord server.