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This is just the PCB. You don't need it because the HMKB kits already include a PCB. If you like another one anyway, you can add them here.

Extra PCB

Here you can get an additional PCB. They are all designed by Maartenwut. They all support only the most common layouts. This avoids too many holes which makes it a more pleasant build experience and can help with stability in the bottom row. They also feature a fuse and an ESD protection chip to protect the MCU and other parts of the PCB. The production PCBs will be matte black, not green, except for the Plain60-C which will be blue. No fancy stuff like underglow LEDs since the HMKB cases don't allow for much light to escape the case anyway.


  • QMK Firmware
  • VIA compatible (if you flash a VIA compatible .hex file)
  • USB type C with C-C support
  • ESD protection and fuse
  • No in-switch LEDs
  • No underglow
  • ISP header
  • come in ESD bag

Plain60-C rev2

The Plain60 was one of Maarten's first PCBs. Since the first version which had Mini-USB it was updated to USB-C. The latest update adds speaker support. Fits the HMKB60.

Supported layouts:



The Eon40 is a 40% ortholinear PCB designed by Maartenwut. The HMKB40 was designed specifically for this PCB.

Supported layouts:



Maarten designed the Eon65 specifically for the HMKB65. It is based on his Ta-65. The Ta-65 and probably most other 65% PCBs would fit the HMKB65 as well, but at the time the Ta-65 had Mini-USB and we wanted to have USB type C for all PCBs paired with the HMKB lineup.

Supported layouts:



The Eon75 is a custom designed by Maartenwut for the HMKB75.

Supported layouts:



This is a TKL PCB. The HMKB80 is designed to house specifically this PCB. Other TKL PCBs might fit but I can't say for sure. This is the only PCB that has split spacebar support.

Supported layouts:



The Eon95 is a custom designed by Maartenwut for the HMKB95.

Supported layouts: