Heavy Metal Keyboards
Steel custom enclosures for mechanical keyboards
Made in Germany

Sizes & Variants

Keyboard sizes ranging from tiny 40% up to almost full size 95%.
Most Sizes are available in many different variations.


The typing angle can be adjusted via a monofoot.
Available angles are 6, 8, 10 and 12 degree.


The case is a top mount construction. The plate is fully isolated via grommets.
There is no direct material contact between the plate and the case.


Comes with EPDM foam to fill the gap between PCB and plate.


Oyster White

RAL 1013

This light beige pairs well with OG Cherry keycaps and new sets like GMK 9009.


Quartz Grey

RAL 7039

Perfect fit for the classic dolch keycap set and similar.


Jet Black

RAL 9005

Black always suits well.


Traffic Yellow

RAL 1023

A vibrant yellow, fits sets like GMK Taro and Nautilus.



Stainless Steel

304 stainless steel with bead blasted finish, shown here with GMK Ashes.


This is basically a kit that includes some basic parts to build a mechanical keyboard. Not all the neccessary parts to complete a whole keyboard though. It just includes the enclosure, plate, printed circuit board and some accessories. In order to complete the build you will need to get cherry mx style switches and keycaps from elsewhere.

No, wait! There is a limited amount left in stock that you can buy now, but you will have to be patient until you get it shipped. A lot of older orders have to be fulfilled before new orders will be processed. Currently placed orders will get shipped earliest in September and it can take until December 2022.

If you have basic soldering skills, you should be fine. A build manual is included. If you want to avoid soldering, HMKB-60 and 65 are available without PCB, so you can use a compatible hot swap PCB instead.

Yes, shipping world wide. Should your location not work at checkout, please contact me. Prices for international shipping, especially from Germany has increased signifficantly over the last two years and probably will increase even further. So be aware that at checkout the price will increase quite a bit because of shipping.

First, the plan is to get all current stock shipped and then a rest. After that a second round of HMKB-V1 is likely, new colors and layouts, may be upgrade PCBs with hot swap sockets. I'm already looking forward to follow up with a new design, I'll try to keep plate compatibillity with V1.
For now this is all just a plan, nothing written in stone.