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Version:Plain60-C Rev2

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Printed circuit board

All printed circuit boards for HMKB enclosures are designed by Evelien. The Plain60-C, the Eon40 and the Eon87 were already present before the HMKB line was designed, whereas the Eon65, Eon75 and Eon95 were design specifically for HMKB. These PCBs support the most common layouts and avoid combining too many layouts at once. This results in a less perforated bottom row, which leads to a more pleasant build experience. All PCBs have a fuse and an ESD chip present, to protect the MCU and other parts of the PCB. No fancy stuff like underglow LEDs since the HMKB enclosures does not allow for much light to escape the case anyway.
On all pcbs, the switches need to be soldered. For 40%, 60%, 65% and 80% various third party pcb options are available and many of those are hot swap capable. HMKB hot swap pcbs are planned for 2024.


  • QMK Firmware
  • VIA compatible ot of the box
  • USB type C with CC support
  • ESD protection and fuse
  • no in-switch LEDs
  • no underglow
  • ISP header compatible
  • comes in ESD bag


The Eon40 is the standard PCB for the HMKB 40. It is a 40% ortholinear PCB. The HMKB 40 was designed specifically for this tiny PCB. Notable is the non-standard distance between the keys. It is 19.00mm instead of the standard 19.05mm. This slightly denser design is common for smaller 40% custom keyboard layouts. This PCB is glossy black.

Plain60-C rev2

The Plain60 is the standard PCB for the HMKB 60. It was one of Eveliens first PCBs. Since the first version which had Mini-USB it was updated to USB-C. The latest revision adds speaker support. It is also compatible with standard tray mount cases. Most standard 60% PCBs are compatible with the HMKB 60 case. This PCB is glossy blue.


The Eon65 is the standard PCB for the HMKB 65. It is based on the Ta-65, one of Eveliens earlier designs. The Eon65 has a standard 65% size and also fits some other cases. Vice versa other standard 65% PCBs like the KBD67 do fit the HMKB 65 case. This PCB is glossy black.


The Eon75 is the standard PCB for the HMKB 75. It is custom designed for the HMKB 75. This PCB is glossy black.


The Eon87 is the standard PCB for the HMKB 80. It is a TKL PCB with split spacebar support. There are a few other TKL PCBs from third parties that fit the HMKB 80. This PCB is glossy black.


The Eon95 is the standard PCB for the HMKB 95. It is custom designed for the HMKB 95. This PCB is glossy black.


The powder coated steel cases are available in four colors. This coating is very durable and has a slightly grainy texture. A fifth version is made of stainless steel, it is bare metal with bead blasted finish.

- RAL 1013 oyster white, fine texture
- RAL 7039 quartz grey, fine texture
- RAL 9005 jet black, fine texture
- RAL 1023 traffic yellow, fine texture
- 304 stainless steel, bead blasted

RAL 1013 pairs well with old and classic cherry keycaps. RAL 7039 is a warm grey which is a perfect fit for dolch keycaps sets. RAL 9005 black goes well with almost everything. RAL 1023 is a vibrant yellow.

To represent the RAL colors in the renderings, the corresponding RGB values from this page were used. The colors on your specific monitor may appear different compared to the real life RAL colors.

Depending on the combination of your plate and pcb, many different key layouts can be built. To see exactly which key layouts you can build with your desired HMKB size and variant, please go to the layouts page to learn more.

Most product images are 3D renderings and are for illustration purposes only.

For powder coating the parts are put on racks. This will leave a little mark. It is usually at one of the holes. Since the holes will be covered by the bolt heads, these marks will not be visible when the case is assembled. Although highly unlikely, it is possible that dust particles may be caught in the powder coating.

The bending process leaves slight marks. They are not a concern for the powder coated steel parts and not visible at all. The stainless steel parts are not powder coated but bead blasted instead. On all of the prototypes the bead blasting removed those marks completely and they were not present anymore. However, there is a small chance that some stainless steel parts may show slight traces of these marks, even after the bead blasting.

The angles of the flanges may not always be perfectly 90˚. Though unlikely, a deviation of up to 1˚ can occur. This would still be hardly noticeable.

The switch plates can have scratches. Do to the manufacturing process of sheetmetal, the switch plates may be slightly bent.

None of these effects are considered a defect and are no reason for a refund or a replacement.

PCBs need to be checked first before soldering. After soldering, damaged PCBs are not eligible for replacement.

Shipping world wide, with just a few exceptions. See the current shipping prices over at this page.

Updates and news about new products and variants will be posted on the HMKB discord server. There you can also find many additional information, including lots of build pictures. The Newsletter will also provide some news and updates. If you are looking for additional information regarding HMKB, feel free to use the contact form, linked in the footer of this page.